cudaError_t cudaDeviceSetCacheConfig ( enum cudaFuncCache  cacheConfig  ) 

On devices where the L1 cache and shared memory use the same hardware resources, this sets through cacheConfig the preferred cache configuration for the current device. This is only a preference. The runtime will use the requested configuration if possible, but it is free to choose a different configuration if required to execute the function. Any function preference set via cudaFuncSetCacheConfig (C API) or cudaFuncSetCacheConfig (C++ API) will be preferred over this device-wide setting. Setting the device-wide cache configuration to cudaFuncCachePreferNone will cause subsequent kernel launches to prefer to not change the cache configuration unless required to launch the kernel.

This setting does nothing on devices where the size of the L1 cache and shared memory are fixed.

Launching a kernel with a different preference than the most recent preference setting may insert a device-side synchronization point.

The supported cache configurations are:

cacheConfig - Requested cache configuration
cudaSuccess, cudaErrorInitializationError
Note that this function may also return error codes from previous, asynchronous launches.
See also:
cudaDeviceGetCacheConfig, cudaFuncSetCacheConfig (C API), cudaFuncSetCacheConfig (C++ API)

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