Device Management
[CUDA Runtime API]


 Thread Management [DEPRECATED]


cudaError_t cudaChooseDevice (int *device, const struct cudaDeviceProp *prop)
 Select compute-device which best matches criteria.
cudaError_t cudaDeviceGetCacheConfig (enum cudaFuncCache *pCacheConfig)
 Returns the preferred cache configuration for the current device.
cudaError_t cudaDeviceGetLimit (size_t *pValue, enum cudaLimit limit)
 Returns resource limits.
cudaError_t cudaDeviceReset (void)
 Destroy all allocations and reset all state on the current device in the current process.
cudaError_t cudaDeviceSetCacheConfig (enum cudaFuncCache cacheConfig)
 Sets the preferred cache configuration for the current device.
cudaError_t cudaDeviceSetLimit (enum cudaLimit limit, size_t value)
 Set resource limits.
cudaError_t cudaDeviceSynchronize (void)
 Wait for compute device to finish.
cudaError_t cudaGetDevice (int *device)
 Returns which device is currently being used.
cudaError_t cudaGetDeviceCount (int *count)
 Returns the number of compute-capable devices.
cudaError_t cudaGetDeviceProperties (struct cudaDeviceProp *prop, int device)
 Returns information about the compute-device.
cudaError_t cudaSetDevice (int device)
 Set device to be used for GPU executions.
cudaError_t cudaSetDeviceFlags (unsigned int flags)
 Sets flags to be used for device executions.
cudaError_t cudaSetValidDevices (int *device_arr, int len)
 Set a list of devices that can be used for CUDA.

Detailed Description

This section describes the device management functions of the CUDA runtime application programming interface.

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