Note: this has only been tested on Firefox browsers -- Chrome works, but does not always reach 240 Hz.
Supplemental website for the HPG 2019 short paper: Temporally Dense Ray Tracing by Pontus Andersson, Jim Nilsson, Marco Salvi, Josef Spjut, and Tomas Akenine-Möller.

Hang on, measuring monitor refresh rate...

Explanation: As the robot in the scene runs, we see some flickering in the highlights for the vanilla rendering. This is dampened both with TAA and with our method, though with TAA, the highlights tend to disappear completely. The positive effect of the reflected motion vectors, used in our method (not in TAA), can be seen in the form of a clear reflection. This animation also shows the problem of blurry shadows, which arise as our method incorrectly averages moving shadows on static objects.

Left: 60 FPS vanilla rendering.
Middle: 60 FPS rendering with TAA.
Right: Our method at 240 FPS.

Desired frame rate: