Note: this has only been tested on Firefox browsers -- Chrome works, but does not always reach 240 Hz.
Supplemental website for the HPG 2019 short paper: Temporally Dense Ray Tracing by Pontus Andersson, Jim Nilsson, Marco Salvi, Josef Spjut, and Tomas Akenine-Möller.

Hang on, measuring monitor refresh rate...

Explanation: This scene has, perhaps, the most spectacular results. At 30 FPS, our method looks almost broken, but at 240 FPS, our rendered images are integrated into a perceptually satisfactory experience. We urge the reader to look at the beer taps and the bar counter, for example, and also change to 30 FPS and back to 240 FPS.

Left: 60 FPS vanilla rendering.
Middle: 60 FPS rendering with TAA.
Right: Our method at 240 FPS.

Note: look at the glasses in the background, which TAA seems to smooth out considerably.

Desired frame rate: