Note: this has only been tested on Firefox browsers -- Chrome works, but does not always reach 240 Hz.
Supplemental website for the HPG 2019 short paper: Temporally Dense Ray Tracing by Pontus Andersson, Jim Nilsson, Marco Salvi, Josef Spjut, and Tomas Akenine-Möller.

Hang on, measuring monitor refresh rate...

Explanation: The direction, α, of this camera's motion is in the interval ( π/4 - γ, π/4 + γ). Our method therefore chooses the right-most solution from the three below.

Left: always using the middle-left transition in Figure 9
Middle: always using the middle-right transition in Figure 9
Right: always selects tile pattern (bowtie/hourglass) randomly

Note: Both the left and middle sequences show a lot of aliasing on the painting frames. The left-most show less crawlies than the one in the middle, but both show some disturbing flickering. The right sequence shows less flickering with its random patterns. At this angle, these are preferable, despite a more grainy appearance.

Desired frame rate: