RHEL9 precompiled kmod status

NVIDIA provides precompiled driver packages only for the latest official RHEL kernel. If you use an earlier kernel, update and then opt-into a precompiled modularity stream. This approach does not require the gcc compiler to be installed, resulting in a reduced attack surface and faster boot up times on kernel and/or driver updates. Using these precompiled kmod packages offers greater stability, as the exact NVIDIA driver version and kernel version string combination has been pre-tested. Say goodbye to black screens (runlevel 3) and hello to a predictable user experience, with a driver installation that no longer depends on kernel-devel and kernel-headers packages. New kmod packages are typically available within 24 hours of a new RHEL kernel update.

Date Component Driver version Kernel version Kernel suffix
2022-08-09 kmod-nvidia 515.65.01 5.14.0-70.22.1 el9_0.x86_64
2022-08-09 kernel-core - 5.14.0-70.22.1 el9_0.x86_64
2022-08-02 kmod-nvidia 515.65.01 5.14.0-70.17.1 el9_0.x86_64
2022-06-29 kmod-nvidia 515.48.07 5.14.0-70.17.1 el9_0.x86_64
2022-06-29 kernel-core - 5.14.0-70.17.1 el9_0.x86_64
2022-06-16 kmod-nvidia 515.48.07 5.14.0-70.13.1 el9_0.x86_64
2022-04-19 kernel-core - 5.14.0-70.13.1 el9_0.x86_64
2021-11-18 dnf-plugin 2.0 - el9.noarch


Branch Arch Version
r515 x86_64 515.65.01


Install precompiled 515 driver
$ sudo dnf module install nvidia-driver:515

Install precompiled 515 driver and Fabric Manager profile
$ sudo dnf module install nvidia-driver:515/fm

$ dnf nvidia-plugin