Below is a preview of packaging improvements for the NVIDIA driver on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

  1. For supported RHEL kernel releases, driver packages are provided that implement an alternative to DKMS. The new approach does not require gcc to be installed anymore, nor does the EPEL repository need to be enabled. The source files for the driver kmod packages are compiled in advance and then linked at installation time, hence these are called "precompiled drivers".

  2. Multiple driver branches are now installable from a single package repository. The user can choose a specific driver branch or a virtual branch. Only updates on the selected branch will be considered, where the "latest" branch simply always tracks the latest driver release.

  3. Simplified switching between driver branches via a yum plugin that complements installation and uninstallation of driver packages.

    Note: Currently these package improvements are only supported for RHEL 7.6 on x86_64 architecture. Support for RHEL 8 on x86_64 and other platforms will be added in the future. Other known issues are listed at the bottom of this document.

Pre-installation Actions:

Precompiled (default and recommended)

DKMS (non-supported kernels)

Note: This is only needed for special circumstances such as custom kernels.

Package Manager Installation:

Select an installation branch

To select an installation branch, choose only one from the three options below:

  1. Always update to the highest versioned driver (precompiled).

    $ sudo yum install nvidia-driver-latest

    Note: The following commands are equivalent.

    $ sudo yum install cuda-drivers
    $ sudo yum install nvidia-driver
  2. Lock the driver updates to the specified driver branch (precompiled).

    $ sudo yum install nvidia-driver-branch-<id>

    Note: replace <id> with the appropriate driver branch. For the tech preview, valid values are 418 or 430.

  3. Always update to the highest versioned driver (non-precompiled).

    $ sudo yum install nvidia-driver-latest-dkms

    Note: This is only recommended for unsupported kernels.

Switch branches

Known issues